Feb 252012

Have you ever heard about the HoJo Motor magnetic generator? The HoJo Motor is talked about as a magnetic energy generator, but what is that really, and what does a magnetic energy generator do exactly? The internet has, lately, been full of talk about the HoJo Motor. The HoJo Motor is a device that has been eliminating people’s energy bills by producing entirely free energy. The US Patent and Trademark Office have awarded the HoJo Motor magnetic energy generator three US patents. The HoJo Motor is a free energy device that truly works, and that means it generates electricity from nowhere. Plans have been issued by the people at HoJo Motor on a way to build your own device for free energy, based on the magnetic generator patented by Howard Johnson.

Hojo MotorSince the plans make it so simple, a lot of people have jumped right in and made devices of their own. Howard Johnson worked to invent a free energy device his whole life long, and became acknowledged as “the father of spintronics.” Hojo-Motor-Howard-Johnson_Howard Johnson was one of the most notable inventors of the twentieth century. Electricity for free, that was Howard Johnson’s aspiration, and he achieved that for every man with his creation of the magnetic generator. Today the plans have been released, and everyone can make their own HoJo Motor magnetic energy generator. The plans are genuinely user-friendly, which makes making this machine easy for everybody, even those without any DIY experience.

Naturally, the big energy companies saw their net profits potentially being jeopardized by Johnson’s invention. They recognized that a device that could make free energy would cause them to lose billions of dollars, so they started a campaign to shut them down. They succeeded for a period of time, but you can once more download the plans online. If the big companies want it eliminated, it must by definition be good. There isn’t any risk attached to trying this product since it has a 60 day money-back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied, and you can download it instantly. Though the plans are available right now, they could well be taken down again.

Hojo Motor 3-PatentsEven though positive reviews are numerous, maybe this is something that you need to see for yourself. Let’s recap why it’s a terrific idea to buy the HoJo Motor plans. It is a device for generating energy for free, and the only one that has 3 US patents. Many home needs for energy, including the running of electric appliances, can be met with free electricity, it is claimed.

The outlook is that home electric bills will on average be lowered by a whopping 70%. The device allows you to generate electricity for yourself. A lot of detailed information is contained in the guide, making the building of one of these magnetic generators simple. Even if you haven’t any experience, the guide can easily be followed.

Hojo _MotorSome incredible free stuff come with the package. What you should know is that you can construct your own magnetic generator with the information and plans you’ll get. The HoJo Motor magnetic energy generator you put together will help you reduce your electricity bills.

Howard Johnson Magnet Motor

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