Mar 202012

peace liliesThere are many things that you can do around the house to avoid wasting energy. Having plants around the house is terrific for cleaning the surrounding in your home. You can really bring down the amount of pollutants in your household by more than half just by having plants around the home. Plants that are effective at absorbing poisonous gases like benzene and formaldehyde are English ivy and peace lilies. Get plants that are not poisonous if you have pets or little children.

english-ivyThere are numerous ways to save water, such as using less when you are bathing. It’s better to bathe than to shower because you utilize less water. If you must shower, you should keep it short, as ten minutes is much too long. If you put in a low-flow shower head and faucet, you can expect to save up to 50% on water consumption.

Going with the new lavatories that use less water can be a good idea as well. You can actually conserve a god amount of water with the low-flush toilets and they produce less greenhouse gases. Not everyone has the money to buy a new toilet, but putting a plastic water bottle with the cap on in the tank can make less water used with each and every flush.

save waterSave money by getting your appliances or electronics repaired rather than replacing them, unless you can replace them with newer energy-saving models. If you restore your appliances, not only will you save money, but they won’t end up in the landfills. Yet another way to avoid wasting energy is to hang your clothes to dry instead of running a dryer. The average home does 400 loads of laundry annually, so that’s a lot of energy being expended if they all used dryers. If you choose to dry your laundry on a rack, you can save tons of electricity annually. Many clothes-lines come in a variety of designs and a few are portable. Clothes can be hung anywhere, even outside if the weather is nice and sunny.

dry your laundry on a rackIf you currently take medications, you may have some that you never used up. These are likely in your medicine cabinet with expired dates for use. Never flush these down the toilet, as that puts the drugs into the water supply, which could be extremely dangerous. To get rid of them, take them to a pharmacy, and if they won’t take the expired pills, they can tell you where to dispose of them.

If you frequently use your fireplace, see to it that you use a direct-vent gas fireplace so you avoid wasting heat. As much as 85% of the gas in a fireplace is wasted. The worst type is the wood-burning fireplace since the heat is drawn up into the chimney. When this occurs, you have defeated the chief purpose for having an open fireplace to begin with.
How to Conserve Water with a Wood or Plastic Rain Barrel – The Home Depot

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