Dec 272011

alternative_energy_sourcesThere is a collective hunt for new sources of power which will not cause harm to the environment. Along with corruption and poverty, the mess our world is in today is aggravated greatly by pollution. There is a concerned group of people, and companies, who have the goal of decreasing pollutants and greenhouse gases. Reducing toxins has been a reason for the search for alternative energy sources, and this is a by-product of the use of energy. By and large, people are unaware of what renewable energy is and the benefits it holds. What follows is descriptions and explanations of the best known alternative sources.

solar panelsSolar energy traps the energy in the rays of the sun in solar cells, and it is perhaps the best-known alternative source. Electrical power is created by the heat from the sun, as the rays hit the solar thermal panels. You can also heat up water and generate steam by letting the rays of the sun fall on parabolic mirrors.

Still, the sun is freely available to anyone, and all you have to do is open the blinds to allow light and heat to enter. The number one disadvantage to making use of the sun is that it doesn’t work well when it’s rainy or cloudy, or at nighttime. Because of the cost involved, there are not many huge solar power stations.

wind energyWind power is yet another source of energy which is becoming more popular nowadays. A usual sight from the highway these days is the wind-mill blades of wind turbines. The wind propels the blades which drive an electric generator, generating electrical power. Today, there are large-scale wind farms, generating electrical currents, that are distributed to electrical grids nationwide. Many households and business organizations have their own small wind turbines to bring in electricity. What is great about this power is the endless supply of wind, and this renewable source of power has no by-products that harm the environment.

geothermal-energyAnother renewable energy source, which originates from the depths of the earth’s surface, is geothermal energy. Turbines are powered by steam emitted through drilling into hot rocks lcoated deep under the surface of the earth. Done correctly, this method will create electrical power without toxic by-products being emitted.

A costly setup cost is the disadvantage of these very efficient geothermal energy plants. Falling water, which runs turbines to generate electricity, has been used for some time now at dams. One more way to use water’s kinetic energy is provided by its tidal flow.

One can only be dumbfounded by the abundance contained in nature when discovering the many alternative meansmethods it produces energy. As people of the world, we, as individuals, have to become responsible for the things around us, and the knowledge of renewable sources of power can lend assistance to that.

Alternative Energy

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