Dec 292011

Save-Paper-Save-TreesIt is one thing for men and women to go green in their homes, but what if every business enterprise became a green business? With all of the waste in the workforce, an awful amount of money and energy may be saved with simply a little initiative. It like individuals no longer want to be bothered about wastage and being clean. There once was a time when waste not, want not, was a favorite saying that all knew.

There are simple tips that could allow business organizations to become earth-friendly, which would be invaluable. Office equipment generally, but specifically the office printer, are items which provide opportunities for change. If offices utilized less paper, fewer trees would have to be cut down. Just using both sides can cut the amount of paper used by half. Trees are used to clean up the environment by taking in carbon dioxide, and converting it into oxygen, which would absolutely help the atmosphere. Eliminating the use of paper is just one way for an office to become earth-friendly.

Surely business travel could be reduced, given how the internet now ties businesses globally. Holding business conferences in far locations costs a lot in money and energy, a considerable amount of which might be saved. Business travel is oftentimes done in large automobiles and jet aircraft, which has a great effect on the atmosphere and the planet’s energy resources. The cost of air travel can be replaced with the cheaper cost of video conferencing. One of the advantages of the internet is that many office jobs can now be done from home, which means a decrease in travel by car and lower office expenses. Naturally, this won’t work for every job, but nonetheless it can have an impact.
A simple way for the workplace to go green and save a lot of paper is to start using email. The savings in paper resulting from bills being paid over the Internet would be considerable. Carrying out more activities with electronics instead of paper will be helpful for the planet. A huge way for the office to conserve a considerable amount of energy is to stop using stand-alone computers and monitors, and use laptops instead.

Approximately 270 watts of energy are used by the desktop computer and monitor, while a laptop computer doesn’t consume more than 50 watts. A big energy saver for laptop computers is when they have not been in use for 15 minutes, they switch to sleep mode.
energy saver for laptop computers
Despite what’s often inferred from their name, screensavers utilize more energy than normal. The biggest saving of energy and money a business enterprise could generate, though, would come from shutting down every  desktop computer or laptop computer whenever they were not in use. If all business organizations were to do this, adequate energy would be saved to power the city of Chicago for a year.
Energy, let’s save it!

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