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Losing weight is a matter of getting fat in your body converted into energy, and upping your metabolic rate. Many individuals have a metabolic rate that is too slow, and they end up needing more than just eating less, and exercising more frequently. Supplements have been designed to help by speeding up your metabolic rate and enhancing what’s referred to as thermogenesis. The term thermogenesis describes the process of converting body fat into energy. Pharmaxa Labs claims that its product Phenocal produces both results. A unique combination of plants and herbs increases the metabolic rate and encourages thermogenesis while at the same time making you feel less hungry and more energetic. These effects are not exaggerated and are supported by its ingredients which have been found to be active.

PhenocalThe ingredients that are well-known for safe but quick weight loss are Green Tea, Evodiame and Chromium. Well-known in the Orient for ages, it took the discovery that Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and effective for weight loss for it to become recognized in the Western world.

What makes green tea so effective as a weight loss diet plan supplement is that it contains compounds called catechin polyphenols that encourage the burning and conversion of fats into energy. A Japanese study found that the daily ingestion of five cups of the green tea can burn fat and speed up the metabolism.

green tea can burn fatOne other fat burner, epigallocatechin gallate, and also caffeine, are contained in Green Tea. One thing you should know is that not all Green Tea products do work. Aspects of the necessary processing can negatively affect the efficacy of the herb’s compounds. On top of the two catechins found in Green Tea, Phenocal also has Chromium. Carbohydrates and fats cannot be used in the body without this essential trace mineral. As a result of its many roles, Chromium has become popular. Chromium’s role in the burning of fats has led to it being widely used in pills for losing weight.

green tea can burn fatObesity is a risk factor for both diabetes and cardiovascular disease; by helping men and women slim down, Chromium reduces the risk of developing these illnesses. Later studies demonstrate that Chromium encourages muscle growth, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and can help an individual lose fat without harming muscles. Phenocal’s thermogenic effect is further promoted by the ingredient Evodiamine.

Being able to raise your body temperature and quicken your metabolic process are known properties of the alkaloid Evodiamine, referred to as Wu-Chu-Wu by the Chinese, which is found in the plant Evodiae Fructus. As the temperature of the body increases, the more fuel derived from the conversion of fats and carbohydrates is utilized.

PhenocalWhile these are but three of many components in Phenocal, Green Tea, Chromium and Evodiamine are the major ones when it comes to burning fat. These substances have been confirmed by unbiased studies to be beneficial for getting rid of unwanted fat, and they are the active ingredients in Phenocal.
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Phenocal – Metabolic rate and weight loss

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