May 022012

Wherever you go you hear people talking about how we need to recycle everything so we can take care of our planet. Do we genuinely need to do this? Think about the fact that a single plastic shopping bag can take up to 1,000 years to totally decay. Bear in mind, you’re simply talking about one plastic bag so that’s a long time. Think about how many plastic bags you go through annually, not just shopping bags but bin liners too. Then multiply that by everyone in the country… it all adds up. A great idea would be to recycle the bag instead of letting it sit in the landfill slowly breaking down. A lot of things can be recycled such as plastic shopping bags being used to make clothing and old tires being used in constructing children’s playgrounds. Almost all things can be reused.

plastic bags reusedThe town of Lemoore, California started a rigid recycling program 15 years ago. Residents who did not follow the rules of recycling had to pay a fine. Of course, many the residents abided by the rules and recycling had numerous positive effects on this town. A new water park and a new playground were constructed.

They were able to fund other municipal necessities such as a police department and pre-school scholarships through their recycling. So, you can see that recycling can earn money for other things as well as reduce the amount of rubbish going to the landfill.

earn moneyWhile it may look like that the recycling efforts of one person can’t make a difference, multiply that small difference by everyone in the world and the results could be remarkable. We would not need such sizable landfills, which would save operating costs and preserve the terrain. In addition, recycling can help to make money for impoverished communities while benefiting the planet. We all come out a winner.

recyclingEven if you don’t care about the earth, try to think of others; not only humans but also animals. Global warming and other environmental problems are killing wildlife in addition to destroying the planet. You can help to preserve the planet and leave a healthy planet for your kids by doing a bit of recycling.

Perhaps you don’t see how long it actually takes every item you discard to rot. As mentioned above, a plastic bag will take around 1,000 years to break down. Items such as disposable diapers and milk bottles can take several hundred years to totally decompose while glass and styrofoam may never completely disintegrate. Because all of these things can be recycled, why should we throw them away?

things can be recycledObviously, there are a number of things we can’t recycle today, but with the technology becoming even more advanced we might find new ways of recycling and new uses of different materials. Right now, however, there’s no reason that recyclable things like plastic, metals, and glass should be tossed in landfills. It’s easy and doesn’t cost you anything so why not help preserve the environment? With every person doing their part, we can all make a difference.
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