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It is a distressing thought that solvents that come from paints in normal use are being released into the atmosphere and is not something we would actually wish to happen. VOCs, which are Volatile Organic Compounds, are escaping into the air surrounding us. Damage to the ozone, increased risk of smog, and possible global warming, are just a number of the results this can cause. This leads us look for new types of paint to use as we become more informed about these dangers. During the nineties, when we saw the first eco friendly paints, they didn’t take off.

Earth friendly paintsSo, will Earth friendly paints become hot sellers with the heightened awareness of global warming? Well, there’s a further obstacle: the painting professionals. The opposing views mean that, according to some of these pros, paints with the volatile organic compounds are more superior.

These gurus likewise maintain that these Earth friendly paints also require many more coats to achieve the same finish as regular paints, and that they don’t have long life. However, Since VOCs are linked to health concerns, like asthma and headaches, many people are converting from paints with VOCs to environmentally safe paints, giving the industry no option but to react.

VOCs are linked to health concernsLatex paint that is water based might just be the answer to this dilemma. Since they’re water based, it means that they’re environmentally friendly (VOCs are absent). If want to paint iron, this is a downside with water based latex paint since rust is going to take place more quickly. Latex paints, despite any of these issues, are becoming popular.

Latex paint that is water basedIn order for us to regard a paint environmentally safe, we need to know what it contains and how it was made. For example, Titanium Dioxide is widely used in a lot of paints because of its whiteness, which only means it is able to cover other paints. Making Titanium Dioxide may trigger sulfuric acid to be produced. Sulfuric acid, along with the chemicals that were dissolved in it, was released into the sea, which naturally is not great for the environment.

paint environmentally safeTitanium Dioxide causes smog when exposed to the sun, which is a further worry. The fact that carcinogens can induce cancer is a concern since it has a link with Titanium Dioxide. Even with all of this, paints nevertheless contain Titanium Dioxide.

Titanium Dioxide causes smogEnvironmentally friendly paints will become more widely used as we begin to see the damaging effects that everyday paints have on our health and in our environment.
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